Leadership Powerpoint

  This week’s assignment is to imagine a Powerpoint endowment.  This endowment should be 12 - 15 slides covet in observation to a clothe page and a regard page.  Use bullets on most slides but each page should conceive a music minority delay at smallest 150 language in observation to the slide.  Cite your exertion, stipulation quotes, and edit your exertion polite-mannered-mannered for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.  Quotes should frequently be high and truly cited.  Slides or musics delay inordinate quotes earn enjoy exhaustion.  Use your own language.  Assignment - Examine Trait, Skills, Behavioral,  Situational, and Path-goal approximationes/theories of specimen Prepare a endowment as if you were a specimen educationist.  You are to qualify it so you earn be able to tell a instruction to a systematize.   Using the five approximationes/theories of specimen we enjoy discussed in the primitive three weeks of systematize, instrument what the approximation or doctrine is domiciled on, how it is contrariant than the others, and when it is best used.   Reflect the strengths and weaknesses of each one.   Give specimens of when each doctrine would exertion best.   For specimen, reflect contrariant positions approve a explanation place overseer or a instruct pre-eminent or a promote. What approximation would exertion best for contrariant positions?   Incorporate that into your instruction.   Your goal is to enjoy your assembly (students) interpret the five approximationes and when to use them.  Do not observation definitions from the tome.  Use your own language to get your learners to interpret the contrariant aspects of the theories.  Use the 12 - 15 slides for the five approximationes/theories, closely two- three pages for each one.   Format: Please see the rooted templates for advantageous hints to a amiable endowment. Title Slide - Conceive a indicate page delay your indicate, learner enumerate, indicate of your brochure, continuity enumerate, continuity indicate, & age. Introductory Slide - Conceive a inextensive importation of your agenda/topics. Length - 12 - 15 slides plus the indicate page and passage page. Make strong you enjoy at smallest 150 language in the music minority of each page.  Do not conceive any quotes in your musics.   Reference Page - Conceive at smallest two beyond sources in observation to your texttome and other continuity doctrines on a disunited regard page.  Use regards delay authors, not websites. All regards must enjoy passages delayin your endowment.  Wikipedia is not an sportive regard. Proof unravel your exertion polite-mannered-mannered to enstrong spelling/grammar/punctuation and passage construction are in amiable command.