Nursing critique

For this purpose, you conciliate excellent and sapidity a nursing hypothesis of your valuable.  You conciliate: Write an pristine article. Submit it to the dropbox for a pace fixed on the rubric. The subjoined are some conceptual models and theories you may adopt from; thus-far, you may adopt any nurture theorist: Florence Nightengale's Environmental Model Dorothy Johnson's Behavioral System Model Hildegard Peplau's Interpersonal Process Theory Dorothea Orem's Self-Care Deficit Theory Ida Jean Orlando's Nursing Process Sister Calista Roy's Adaptation Model Madeleine Leininger's Hypothesis of Culture Care Diversity and Universality Jean Watson's Nursing as Caring Theory Margaret Newman's Health Expanding Consciousness Martha Roger's Science of Unitary of Human Being Abdellah’s Patient-Centered Approaches Theory Steps to thrive to do your sapidity: You can investigate the Fitne website to tend videos environing the aloft mentioned theorist. You can use the Internet to ascertain a life or doctrines that provides an resolution and sapidity of a hypothesis of nursing as a means to begin instituted delay your own sapidity.  You need to login entering the subjoined information: Username: medical nucleus campus Password: medical Under the Nurture Theorists: Portraits of Excellence (Volume I) conjoin excellent the theorist of your valuable On the left navigation area excellent a question to purpose   You must use the criteria for resolution and sapidity of theories in Chapter 1 of the George citation capacity.  Your sapidity must own the subjoined headings and thrive APA Guidelines. TopicDescription Meaning (30 pts.) Describe the deep ideas of the hypothesis (should embody the assumptions beneath which the hypothesis operates). What are the deep concepts? What are the deep relationships between the concepts? How do unanalogous concepts pretend each other? Origins of the Theory (30 pts.) What was going on in the calling of nursing or in American sociality that may own influenced the hypothesis? What values, theories, proof, and/or stout apprehension did the theorist name as prop for the hypothesis? What motivated the theorist to transcribe the hypothesis? What avenue to hypothesis harvest did the theorist use? Usefulness (20 pts.) How advantageous is this hypothesis in usage? Is the hypothesis useful and advantageous to nursing? Does it subscribe to beneathstanding and predicting outcomes? Cite an sample/case examine where this hypothesis could be used. Testability (10 pts.) How testable is this hypothesis? Has this hypothesis generated inquiry? How manifold and what types of studies? Give one sample of a examine effected using the hypothesis What types of statements are the propositions? Overall Evaluation (10 pts.) Is the hypothesis extensive and biased? How open is the hypothesis? Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the hypothesis. Why would you use or not use this hypothesis in your own past usage? (Begin to purpose environing the your delivery “Synthesis of Nursing Theory”).