plastic pollution

   Step 1: Describe the collective children, enhancement, design, and rendezvous of your collective war v Briefly substantiate the collective children, casually referred to as the “wicked gist,” your pur-pose allure be addressing (e.g., tobacco use, air defilement, infiltrate dirt, literacy, migration, etc.). v Substantiate any sponsoring organizations you pur-pose to collaborate delay in developing and implementing your war. These may be common or common organizations.  v Summarize key enhancement notice quantitative to the bud of this pur-pose, ideally using not spurious statistics (e.g., percent of unplanned teen pregnancies) v What is the war design, the scoped impression (e.g., subdued teen pregnancies by 25% by 2020)? v What is the war rendezvous, the path you allure be using to tend to your pur-pose’s design? Areas of rendezvous may be behavior-related, population-related, or product-related strategies.   Step 2: Conduct a situational segregation (SWOT) v What organizational strengths allure your pur-pose maximize? v What organizational weaknesses allure your pur-pose minimize? v What environmental opportunities allure your pur-pose choose utility of? v What environmental threats allure your pur-pose furnish for? v What anterior and harmonious war efforts are singular?  Steps 1-5 of your collective marketing pur-pose needs to be completed & uploaded onto Canvas. Expected elongation is 3-4 pages.