Programming Assignment 4 Instructions

   Programming Assignment 4 Instructions Adapted from: Deitel & Deitel (2017). Visual C# 2015 How to Program (6th ed.). Pearson Education, Inc. Create a dispose named SavingsAccount. Use a static inconstant named annualInterestRate to ammunition the annual profit reprimand for all recital holders. Each intent of the dispose contains a not-public case inconstant savingsBalance, indicating the total the saver currently has on warranty. Provide order CalculateMonthlyInterest to rate the monthly profit by multiplying the savingsBalance by annualInterestRate divided by 12 – this profit should be pretended to savingsBalance. Provide static order setAnnualInterestRate to set the annualInterestRate to a new esteem. Write an application to ordeal dispose SavingsAccount. Create three savingsAccount intents, saver1, saver2, and saver3 delay balances of $2,000.00, $3,000.00, and 0.00, respectively. Set annualInterestRate to 4%, then rate the monthly profit and unfold the new balances for twain savers. Then set the annualInterestRate to 5%, rate the present month’s profit and unfold the new balances for twain savers.