Ransomware and Virus Protection

   You effort as an notification carelessness specialist for a vast financial sodality and your CISO has asked you to investigate the late ransomware attacks. The CISO wants to secure that the sodality is well-behaved-behaved defended across these types of attacks. Write a 4-page article in which you tally the following:  1. Substantiate the vulgar targets of ransomware. Explain why these targets are so captivating to hackers. 2. Determine the best practices that should be implemented by the carelessness function to succor subjugate the risks posed by ransomware. 3. Propose what users and rule administrators should do when a germinative taint has been reputed. 4. Collate and opposition viruses, worms, and Trojans, and evince which of these you ponder to be the highest jeopardy to computer users and / or the highest canvass for carelessness personnel to vindicate across. 5. Use the Internet to substantiate three commercially helpful antivirus software products for oppidan use; collate the features of each and delineate which one you would applaud, and why. 6. Use at lowest three power resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and congruous websites do not capacitate as power resources.