Making a Differential Diagnosis Prior to opening is-sue on this assignment, fascinate unravel Chapter 1: Differential Individuality Step by Step in DSM-5: Handbook of Differential Individuality and revisal the identical condition examine you used to transcribe your Weeks One and Two discourse forums and Week Three Assignment. Use your condition examine already clarified.   For this assignment, you conciliate form a differential individuality for the enduring in your clarified condition. This assignment continues the is-sue you started in the Weeks One and Two discourse forums and the Week Three assignment. Be stable to thrive the instructions in Chapter 1: Differential Individuality Step by Step when creating your differential individuality. Your assignment must conceive the thriveing: · Recommend a individuality inveterate on the enduring’s symptoms, presenting problems, and fact. (examine the symptoms, problems, fact) · Assess the hardness of your individuality using a sociocultural perspective. (examine gregarious and/or cultural aspects) · Compare at last one evidence-inveterate and one non-evidence-inveterate tenor non-interference for the individuality. Research a stint of two peer-reviewed sources to subsistence your choices.  (Include two catechism from the library here- required) · Propose and afford an exposition for a stint of two unvarnished perspectives and two speculative orientations that are irrelevant alternates for the conceptualizations in this condition. (USE TWO DIFFERENT THEORIES HERE AND DISCUSS HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES USING SOURCES) ****INCLUDE THE TEXT INFO The Making a Differential Individuality assignment · Must be three to five double-spaced pages in protraction (not including denomination and references pages) and formatted according to APA phraseology as outlined in. · Must conceive a detached denomination page after a while the thriveing: o Denomination of paper o Student’s designate o Course designate and number o Instructor’s designate o Date submitted