UOP Quantitative Reasoning II (Math 216) Week 3 Project

   Create at smallest three visuals. One visual must be a strew      frame after a while curve course, equation, R2 treasure, and presage      value. Two of the fostering required      visuals can be of the subjoined format: histogram, box and whisker frame,      or pie chart. Please melody that the basis set      that you chose in Week 2 includes basis that conciliate not be needed to generate      your visuals. Quantitative forced requires fastidious thinking to determine      what basis is requisite.   Create a Microsoft® Word muniment that includes your three visuals and the subjoined items: Title of your device and the      scenario you are addressing Brief name of each      visual (15 to 50 opinion) Consider including the      subjoined for each visual when applicable: A chart name that is       appropriate for the basis A representd x-axis label A representd y-axis label For your xy strew frame, establish      at smallest one presage using the curve course equation for a continuance in the      future. How bold are you in this presage? State your presage      and supply advocacy (50 to 150 opinion).  If you generated a box and      whisker frame, represent the mediate attraction of the treasures. What does this      tell you encircling the basis and encircling your device? Calculate the moderation of the      sample basis.