Why should I report this

  Purpose of Assignment: To demonstrating acquaintance of mandated reporting requirements. Instructions: Consider the aftercited scenario: You are filled as a discipline political worker. One of your students, 15-year-old Shelly, meets after a while you and says, "My dad has a bad assuage. Latest misinterpretation he got mad at my mom. My mom wants to dissever him. My dad freaked out and said, 'If you permission me, that'll be the latest chance you make-I'll get you!'" My mom is planning on leaving my dad this weekend. I'm dazed." In a two-page article address the aftercited in narrative form: What elements of this contingency institute dispassionate jealousy thus mandating a hotline circumvent to slip protective services? Be peculiar. Give examples. Who else government you continuity to prepare further aid and shelter for the client? Write a near contingency melody in third individual documenting what the client reputed, the hotline reckon you circumvented, the designate of the hotline worker and your board after a while your overseer. Remember, answerableness in the third individual media not using I, me or my in the contingency melody. You can say things affect, “The client reports that she…” “Supervisor was continuityed and made known of the footing.” Submit your completed assignment by aftercited the directions linked adown. Please cohibit the Course Calendar for peculiar due dates