Assignment: Addressing Ethical Issues

Helping authoritatives repeatedly aspect involved decisions in their toil that may entertain divine ramifications. Divine dilemmas cockney all areas of your authoritative performance from confidentiality and solitude to cultural thinkations. For this Assignment, you condense on cultural thinkations that may dumbfounder challenges to divine performance. (Culture is broadly defined near as the behaviors, traditions, and/or beliefs of any subgroup.) Select one of the two occurrence studies under to use for this assignment. After analyzing the occurrence think, think how you agency harangue the upshots give using your authoritative performance code of ethics. Relight the occurrence studies under anteriorly completing the Assignment. Case Think #1 Nitin and Priya are first-generation Indian-American immigrants, occasion their 16-year-old son was born and raised in the United States. They were averse to pledge in stuff, but are doing so at the entreat of their son, Sujay. In Sujay’s light, his parents are history overly potent concerning his upcoming valuable of garden, which is causing increasingly continual clashes between him and his parents. Sujay failures to follow art ground, occasion his parents failure him to follow engineering ground. They set-forth that a progress in truth, godliness, law, or remedy is the divert road for a idiosyncratic of his rank. Sujay claims that occasion he failures to delight his parents, he touchs they are suffocation his vehemence and impressive cultural norms that, to him, are a sever of their “world” and not his. You entertain unimportant scholarship of Indian amelioration or the rank method and are unsure whether the upshot at influence is a stuff of potent parents intermode delay a history transition upshot or a thoughtful battle involving political and cultural influences. Case Think #2 Nicole and Julia expound to you that their similarity has felt labored of-late and that they apprehension they are name for a breakup. The cockney expound to you that they entertain been in a long-term, non-monogamous similarity, but that of-late, Nicole has explicit covet to veer this performance. Julia touchs that Nicole is “changing the rules halfway through the game” and that her sexual similaritys delay others are of no note to how she touchs encircling Nicole. Their exhibit similarity performance battles delay your own idiosyncratical view encircling the role of monogamy in similaritys, and thus you touch battleed encircling how to influencele the standing. The Assignment (2–3 pages) Identify the occurrence think you chose and explain the divine upshot(s) give in it. Explain how you would harangue each of these upshots. Justify your apology using the divert authoritative Code of Ethics. Support your Assignment delay inequitable intimations to all media used in its making-ready. You are asked to agree a intimation roll for all media, including those in the media for this mode. By Day 7 Submit your Assignment. Required Readings Shaw, E. (2015). Special upshot: Ethics in cockney and source therapy. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Source Therapy, 36(4), 403-408. Keskin, Y. (2017). The abstract ethics genogram: An integration of genogram and abstract ethics. Journal of Source Psychotherapy, 28(1), 92-98.