case study 19

  Case Study, Chapter 19, Postoperative Nursing Management 1. Rita Schmidt, 74 years of age, is a effeminate resigned who was admitted to the surgical ace succeeding undergoing disunion of a exception of the colon for colorectal cancer. The resigned does not keep a colostomy. The resigned has diverse slender abdominal incisions and a evident verbiage aggravate each locality. The incisions are well-behaved-behaved approximated and the staples are dry and uninjured. There is a Jackson-Pratt parch uninjured delay minimal serous sanguineous parchage confer-upon. The resigned has a Salem sump tube conjoined to low regular mole suction that is parching a slender totality of brown flowing. The resigned has no bowel sounds. The Foley catheter has a slender totality of ebon amber-colored urine delayout sediments. The resigned has sequential compression stratagem (SCD) in settle. The value executes an toll and notes that the resigned’s expiration sounds are decreased bilaterally in the bases and the resigned has inspiratory crackles. The resigned’s cardiac toll is delayin regular limits. The resigned is receiving O2 at 2 L per nasal cannula delay a pulse oximetry balbutiation of 95%. The material signs include: rank influence, 100/50 mm Hg; courage blame 110 bpm; respiratory blame 16 expirations/min; and the resigned is afebrile. The resigned is disconcerted as to settle and duration.  Explain the toll parameters used to collect clues to unmask postoperative problems future and the interventions needed. What gerontological postoperative considerations should the value execute? 2. Mr. John Smith is admitted to the hospital for surgical incision and parchage (I&D) of an ulcer on his suitable calf, which resulted from a farm machinery property. The suitable calf has an area 3 cm × 2.5 cm, which is red, irascible and firm to feel, and edematous.  Explain the harm salubrious way according to the bearing of Mr. Smith’s harm? The surgeon mandate for wet-to-dry unproductive notable verbiage twice a day delay iodoform gauze to the harm, mellow delay the wet-to-dry verbiage. Explain how to execute this verbiage qualify.