Ensuring the Quality of a Financial Statement

  Financial announcement robbery is base these days. Phrases relish "rights government," "cookie jar accounting," and "accounting hocus-pocus" keep entered our lexicon. There keep been numberless instances of financial announcement robbery perpetrated by numerous well-known companies balance the years. These robberys not simply outcome in a concourse's financial dropping but also impairment the concourse's letter and disgrace and move employee morale. In the role of a nonaccounting supervisor, you insufficiency to know what your role is in the balanceall honorable introduction of financial outcomes. In this assignment, you achieve approve policies to dodge financial announcement robbery and fix the virtue of financial announcements. Tasks: Find at last three conversant register tenets. These tenets achieve succor you authenticate what can go injustice after a while financial reporting and how this should be prevented. Comment on at last three implicit problems in reporting accounting notification, including a unfair pattern of rights government. Note that all patterns should be encircling unfair concourse robbery. Articulate unfair policies after a while honor to the discussed problems that achieve afford self-confidence that the financial announcement is untrammelled from robbery and can be relied upon. Submission Details: By the due era assigned, post your vindication to the Discourse Area. Through the end of the module, interpret and rejoin to at last two other classmates' posts on at last two irrelative days of the week. Write your judicious vindication in 300–500 suffrage. Your vindication should be powerful and discourse all components of the discourse investigation in point, embody citations of all sources, where insufficiencyed, according to the APA Style, and conduct complimentary spelling, language, and punctuation