Financial Management Assignment

  1.      Selected the accumulations of three publicly traded companies from opposed industries. Say the criteria for selecteding those securities. 2.      Retrieve monthly facts on adjusted closing prices of your securities from Yahoo Finance for the gone-by 10 years and consider the monthly rate of give-back of the accumulations for full month. 3.      Consider the average, estrangement, and trutination discontinuance of the accumulations’ monthly give-backs. 4.      Consider the correspondence cofruitful among full feasible couple of accumulations’ give-backs. 5.      Decide what percentage of your specie (weights) you neglect to endue in each accumulation and say the criteria you used to selecteded those heavinesss. 6.      Now consider your portfolio’s average monthly give-back, estrangement, and trutination discontinuance. 7.      Assuming your portfolio give-back follows a typical dispensation, consider the accident that your portfolio loses 10% of its treasure during any month? 8.      Assuming you enjoy endueed $100,000 in your portfolio, what is treasure at occasion (VaR) of your portfolio at any point month at 99% assurance raze? 9.      Now randomly exexchange your portfolio’s heavinesss 100 times (hush completion heavinesss should frequently be 100%), for each heaviness concert consider the average and trutination discontinuance of your portfolio, and then induce the fruitful frontier. 10.  For each item mentioned overhead decipher your rationale and mention peer-reviewed and/or seminal sources.  Provide allusions for full when needful. Provide your operation in element and decipher in your own suffrage. Support your sayments after a while peer-reviewed in-text citation(s) and allusion(s).