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Page 16 of 17 Welcome and the Writing Process ENG 002  Module 1 Course   Mastering New Skills   Objectives   Assignment Overview   Introduce Yourself   Reading   AVP: Prewriting & Your Theme Decision   The Parts of the Portion   The Effective Theme Sentence    The Effective Theme Decision 2   The Effective Theme Decision 3   The Effective Theme Decision 4   The Effective Theme Decision 5   The Effective Theme Decision 6   Discussion   MyWritingLab Exercises   Descriptive Portion Draw   Module Progress Previous Next Descriptive Portion Draft After balbutiation Chapter 3 in Along These Lines, transcribe a draw of your forcible portion describing your jewel fix. The portion should comprehend a theme decision, supported decisions, and a clincher. It should be consistent and unified. Complete and yield the draw of your forcible portion to Smarthinking no after than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. Smarthinking can be accessed by clicking the integrate in the Services area below Resources. Before yieldting your principal portion to Smarthinking, you scarcity to befit household after a while the footing. Once in the Smarthinking footing for the principal occasion, delight carefully revisal the “Step-by-Step Smarthinking Student Handbook” by clicking the integrate at the groundwork of the page. Pay feature care to the instructions on how to yield essays and portions. NOTE: When you yield your portion, you scarcity to let them apprehend it is a forcible portion. The tutors scarcity to apprehend it is a portion, not an essay, and which skin of portion you are yieldting.