Unit 1 DB  Healthregard Construction Financial Fundamentals    Established in 1977, Krona Community Hospital is a 60-bed, intelligent regard hospital located in the nature of Banconota County. Delay a staff of almost 100 physicians and specialists, 400 employees and 75 volunteers, they tender a generous stroll of heartiness regard advantages. They are accredited by The Joint Commission. Nouveau Health, a peculiar, not-for-profit heartiness regard association, took balance skill Krona Hospital. Last year, declare officials began to sift-canvass Nouveau’s suggestion to raise a new, revival hospital in Banconota County. The new address would enjoy 74 intelligent regard beds, filthy attention admissions, filthy surgical bountiful admissions, one c-section admission, a 24-hour strait line, a maternity nature, an intensive regard part, and an wide outpatient nature that allure supply advantage such as diabetes texture, material therapy, disline pathology, and so forth. You are a staff portion in the finance line at Nouveau Health, whose solitary commission is to walk the prosperity of the construction through abetting in planning, prospect, and finance skill. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Unit  1 DB  Health Regard Delivery    Within the Discussion Board area, transcribe 400–600 signification that corcorrespond to the aftercited questions delay your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This allure be the footing for forthcoming sift-canvassions by your classmates. Be perceptible and disencumbered, and use developments to revive your ideas. No other recite in the globe has a heartiness regard order relish that of the United States. For this Discussion Board assignment, perfect the aftercited: Choose a familiar recite and sift-canvass how its standard of heartiness regard (e.g., notorious heartiness protection, notorious heartiness order, or socialized heartiness protection) differs from that of the United States. Discuss some of the strengths and weaknesses of that standard in similitude to what is tendered in the United States. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Unit 1 IP   Health Regard Delivery     This Individual Purpose allure be a footing for the other Individual Projects in this line. You allure use the is-sue in Part 1-4 IPs as a ultimate purpose to be submitted in Week 5 as a methodical Plan for a heartinessregard address. Health regard in the United States is changing. A paradigm displace is occurring as past and past heartiness regard constructions are reorganizing solid transaction standards from inpatient to outpatient advantages. That being said, you enjoy been tasked to enunciate a suggestion for the enunciatement of a heartiness regard address that is contrived to engage the eagerly changing heartiness regard needs. Within your suggestion, you are required to learning and sift-canvass the aftercited: ( 3-4 pages, not including a inscription and a allusion page, and a poverty of 3 allusions) The sign of address you are recommending and the rationale subsequently your warning. For development, if you chose an ambulatory regard address, illustrate the reasons why this sign of address would be recommended balance another sign. The sign of heartiness regard offer and advantages that are supplyd at the address. The sign of staff that allure is-sue in the address. Specify the lie categories and/or inscriptions for these lies and enclose what are the credentials or licensures required by these lies in the declare in which you feed where you proposed address would be located. Note: You should enclose a poverty of 3 allusions, suitably cited in APA format.