Golden Screen Cinema

Both Golden Screen Cinema and TGV Cinema are been classified as click-and-mortar below the characters of e-commerce structure. This is accordingly twain of Golden Screen Cinema and TGV Cinema are conducting some e-commerce activities but their foremost calling is stationary unoccupied in substantial globe. For Golden Screen Cinema, users are foremost been supplicateed to indication up an representation on its professional website (http://www. gsc. com. my/) precedently they can buy movie tickets online. After log in to Golden Screen Cinema website, user is conducive to prime their preferconducive cinema, movie and determination to either compel rescue or alienation movie ticket. After users prime their sensuality cinema, movie and determination, the website allure advise into another page which supplicate user to prime character and quantity of ticket and seats as well-behaved. After user completed the primeing mode, user is granted two characters of cancelment mode which are either by straightforward obligation or trustworthiness card. The full mode of alienation a Golden Screen Cinema movie ticket which listed over is through digital mode. To muster the movie ticket, user is insist-upond to bear along their trustworthiness card which used to alienation the ticket onrow antecedent, unity card and the approval ID for authenticity object and muster the ticket on counters. This semblance that the emanation sold, which is movie ticket is a substantial emanation. Lastly, the intermediary which is the staff of Golden Screen Cinema who caters use to users at counters is counted substantial delegate. For TGV Cinema, user can alienation movie tickets on its professional website (http://tgv. com. my/) externally register an representation. After developed customer developed the movie, semblance space, determination, cinema and seats, they are insist-upon to cater designate, email and touch number. TGV Cinema caters past cancelment options to users such as via paypal, ATM cards delay Visa or MasterCard logo, iPay88, Maxis M-Money (Mobile) and past. After cancelment made, an email declaration which contained the booking ID allure be cast to the customer’s email. The full ticket purchasing mode is substantial mode. After that, customer allure insufficiency to muster their tickets from the counters. The emanation sold, which is ticket and the intermediary which is the staff at counters are classified below substantial emanation and substantial delegate. Twain Golden Screen Cinema and TGV Cinema are been classified as onrow straightforward marketing (indirect storefront) below e-commerce models. This is accordingly twain of them providing use which is allowing customer to alienation movie tickets online. This onrow purchasing mode helps twain companies to reject bisect of their selling mode such as customer no longer insufficiency to row up to buy movie tickets and secure the space of customer to get their movie tickets. This is available specially during peak convocation.