his 1102 paper 1

   Instructions This essay assignment is a elementary fount anatomy on the Progressive Movement. Delight belong to the Elementary Sources fix on your Learning Activities page. In your essay on the Progressive Movement, you are required to interpret the elementary founts on the Learning Activities page.  The extracttome and online materials afford advantageous contrast notification for the essay.     Your essay demands a mean commencement and nice anatomy in general paragraphs delay a narrowness of 300 language.  It should be established on your elementary fount interpreting and it demands to evidence your anatomy of the documents.  Three or further inequitable in-extract fount citations are demanded.     Please investigate the subjoined questions when you transcribe the essay: · How do you elucidate the problems associated delay American cities of the tardy Nineteenth Century?  · How did Progressives enjoy Jane Addams and Upton Sinclair tally to the problems and present contrariant solutions to the polished problems? · How did Jane Addams evidence for the Settlement House motion and why? · What was the artifice of Upton Sinclair in adaptation to the President? To what prolong was he suppliant? · How did follower and political reformer Jacob A. Riis represent the tenements of New York in his tome, How the Other Half Lives? · What was the firm of Riis in adaptation How the Other Half Lives? Discussion 2 Based on your interpreting of Chapter 15 in the extractbook, the elementary fount documents, and the online lessons, delight distribute your views on ONE of the argument topics.  1. What were the elder differences of the Reconstruction plans presented by President Johnson and the Congress?  Why were they contrariant? 2. How do you evaluate the reason of the Reconstruction laws, distinctly the 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution? Please music that you demand to transcribe in severed paragraphs delay a narrowness of 250 language to your elementary column.  Be unfailing to disesteemed your columning on firm examples, inequitable details, and quotes from the extract and documents.   Minimum 250 language