history hw

1. How would you corcorrespond to someone who bestows you delay the controversys projected by Social Darwinists, to clear-up the victory or failures of beings in the participation? What delie would you use to foundation your lie? For this discourse, you must highest establish and bestow their controversys, and then your counterargument. As you coltardy your advice for this discourse you should frequent in judgment the opportunities that were conducive to abundant, but as-well the region of racism that permeated accommodation of the American participation and the legalized distinction that existed. 2. Several reasons are projected clear-uping why the United States unwavering to connect the "Imperialist Club".  Which controversy was the strongest, and which controversy was the weakest?  Explain your lie. 3. Compare and opposition the ideas of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois. In your notion, which of these two men had the amend drawing? Clear-up why. 4. In your notion, was U.S. prudence in Asia and Latin America betwixt from tardy nineteenth era to 1914 sincerely isolationist? Discuss and foundation your confutation. 5. Hoover's presidency achieve be constantly shadowed by the Great Depression.  Is it equitable to disapprove Hoover's actions or inaction for the Great Depression? Requirement:  Each questions entertain to be 200 expression at meanest.