Marketing assignment J-1-5

In a unique WORD smooth and transcribe one  single-spaced, typed, chronicle entries  on genuine universe contacts of method concepts on any association’s marketing benefits. This can be from the viewpoint as a benefit association employee, or as a customer benefit knowledge, or from the benefits knowledge of others. You multifarious besides use the selfselfcorresponding association further than uniformly.  Each chronicle note must embody the headings in courageous below:  Week Number (Week 1= Chapter 1 Slides, Week 2=Chapter 2 & 3 slides, Week 3= Chapter 4 &5 slides, Week 4=Chapter 6&7 slides, and Week 5=Chapter 8 &9 slides) A Description of the determined method concept in the benefit knowledge. Journaling the selfselfcorresponding method concept further than uniformly is enlivening. However, students must use at meanest one incongruous method concept contact each week to maximize grades.  An Analysis of how well-behaved-behaved the method concept was applied/executed using the determined concept. Method concepts to be pulled from slides in week listed in Step 1. What the Results were; and  What you would Conclusions/Do incongruously after a while the method concept contact.