Final Nursing Dissertation Criteria & Question Guide/Outline Criteria · APA Format (to embrace inscription page, resigned, references; must be rightly formatted) · 5 pages of resigned (inscription page and references not embraced) · Discourse declaration in intro and blank · 2 Correlating variables delay 3 sustaining factors · Minimum of 5 references (passage may be used but does not calculate as separate of the 5) · References must be tentative, read, equal reviewed (mode via Library Guides). Topic Guide/Outline To commence: · Choose a question of attention; there should be a redress of attention and brave. Be unfailing you can wield the question (fly too involved, too coarse, and too specialized questions; i.e., disorders, remedial approaches). Your question should be plain delayin the conpassage of Adjustment. · Once you entertain a question, you can as yourself questions to succor you unravel your hypothesis · You succeed then incline your questions into weighty claims and frame into a discourse declaration · You may then commence your scrutiny to meet support/references for your discourse declaration and claims (which you succeed establish throughout the collectiveness of your result). · Once you entertain gathered ample scrutiny you may commence to transcribe J Example of question to discourse unravelment: 1. Topic: Fact and Self-Image Development 2. Supports: increased self-esteem, enhanced existence atonement, strengthened autonomy and self-efficacy 3. Discourse declaration: Scrutiny has shown that Fact and self-image unravelment co-vary significantly. Greater fact has been associated delay unequivocal factors of self-image such as (A) increased self-esteem, (B) enhanced existence atonement, and (C) strengthened autonomy and self-efficacy. The resigned of your Nursing Dissertation should embrace: Introduction – in your intro you succeed be letting the reader recognize what your Nursing Dissertation succeed embrace. This succeed embrace your discourse declaration. Research sustaining A – this paragraph/section should nucleus on the original in the enjoin of factors you systematic in your discourse declaration. Be unfailing to end this paragraph/section delay a transition judgment. Research sustaining B – 2nd sustaining factor; be unfailing to transition. Research Sustaining C – 3rd sustaining factor; be unfailing to transition to blank. Conclusion – You succeed restate your discourse declaration and cause your Nursing Dissertation to a soften delay