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               Read the direction carefully...… This is a video assignment                          ****I possess fast my clever designs at the floor.**** Please appear at the with : INSTRUCTIONS  1 – Retrieve the designs you submitted in Project & Portfolio I.  Review your short-term, medium-term and long-term designs and management.  (my clever design are fast at the floor) Cause a 3 to 4 specific audio and video Quicktime movie discussing the  questions underneath. You may eagerness to reconsideration "Build a Successful Brand: Five Ways to Get SMART When Setting Goals."  2 – Address all of the forthcoming questions in your video:    What was your short-term design and why did you select it?  Have you completed your short-term design? Why or why not?  What management possess you used to complete this design? Please narrate your management in point.  How well-mannered-mannered possess your management worked?   If you possess not completed your short-term design, delineation a repossession contemplation.   If mood possess transitional and you demand to modify the design, expound why and how.   Then cause a new, over withhold design for your vulgar environment and the management you succeed use.   Describe the steps you possess enthralled inside your medium-term and long-term designs.   Again, modify any designs for which mood possess transitional.     3 – Save the conclusive cut of the video in .mov or .m4v format