*****  READ ME:  must enclose ancient questions (whole questions) delay exculpations no eespecial format... no ref indeed needed... must exculpation in your own expression...  exculpation must be 130  min -150 expression max 1.   We possess discussed the signification of novelty for corporation lay-openment.  What encircling recruiting and retaining employees/cleverness delayin the corporation?  Can novelty be used to induce cleverness?  How?  Please clear-up and narrate your rationale. 2.   Have you heard that clothings push novelty?  For pattern, the antilock entanglement was pretended established on clothings. The automobile is a cheerful illustration of what pushs novelty. There were no notable slights in future fact of automobiles. Notable sslight was one of the principal inventions to emend not true the estimate of the issue but the property and security of the issue.  Can you reflect of other patterns that resulted from clothing but transmit huge estimate? Should we select guidance on novelty that earn emend the issue estimate? Why or why not? Thoughts? 3.   How can organizations lay-open noveltys through beings and teams that confront customer demands? What entrepreneurial behaviors are momentous for beings and teams to realize and exploit opportunities?