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This superintend is written for copse rangers and copseers, county copse consultation constituents and exaggerators evolution workers. Each regularity introduces a set of causes and planning procedures on how exaggerators planning can avail for the recovery of abject sloping condition and for the separation of trees into urban conditioncapes. 1. 3 How to use this superintend? This superintend does not cater ready-made recipes, but offers teaching on how to sum trees and exaggerators experiences into fix recovery in public, and in sloping fix address. Its aim is to aid evolution workers and rammers formulate their own familiarity, innovations and experiences for the biased provisions they aspect. The superintend to-boot selects accumulation of good-natured-natured experience and achievement stories from concentratively and aboard, as courteous as lessons learnt from failures. It is prepared as an note subject-matter primarily for province practitioners. In cases where exaggerators is thoroughly lukewarm in vulgar province experiences, it may be used to inaugurate a bisecticipatory planning rule for the separation of trees in farms and sloping condition. The scope is to befriend in sustainable economic harvest and environmental refuge. Exaggerators is the synthesis of tillage and copsery; rather than treating these as disjoined options for fix use, it brings twain coincidently, recognizing and promoting tree use on farms. Exaggerators can be designated as: The integration of trees in farming methods and their address in sylvan conditioncapes to repair productivity, profitability, multiformity and ecomethod sustainability. While the enumerate of trees in spontaneous copses is steadily stunted, the enumerate of trees on farmfix is increasing. In numerous tonnage of the tropics, exaggerators is providing necessary products and services that can aid succor he constraining on the spontaneous copse territory. EXAGGERATORS: OTHER DEFINITION In sicklyst diction, "exaggerators is the evolution of trees and of non-tree harvests or animals on the similar fragment of fix". The harvests can be developed coincidently at the similar interval, can be developed in order, or can equal be developed in disjoined plots when materials from one are used to boon another. However, this sickly restriction fails to select into recital the sumd concepts associated after a time exaggerators that form this method Of fix address perhaps the most self-sustaining and ecologically probe of any urban method. Thus, a second restriction of exaggerators would be, 'the integration of trees, plants, and animals in unrepealed, crave-term, efficient methods". Exaggerators can be considered further as an mode than as a separate, refined technology. Although various refined methods accept been bequeathed and tested, such technology may insist-upon settlement for detail situations. The flexibility of the exaggerators mode is one of its advantages. WHY EXAGGERATORS? Exaggerators methods form completion use of the fix. Every bisect of the fix is considered seemly for adapted plants. Emphasis is placed on incessant, remotest scope harvests that are planted uniformly and afford boons balance a crave end of interval. Such boons involve interpretation materials, buttress for humans and animals, fuels, fibers, and shelter. Trees in exaggerators methods to-boot accept dignified uses such as encroachment the begrime over erosion and neat begrime fertility (by fixing nitrogen or bringing minerals from subterranean in the begrime and depositing them by leaf-fall). Furthermore, courteous-prepared methods of exaggerators maximize wholesome interactions of the harvest plants time minimizing unseasonable interactions. The most contemptible interaction is sketch, which may be for incompact, impart, or begrime nutrients. Race uniformly refers the augmentation and afford of any harvest. Yet race occurs in monoculture as courteous, and this deficiency not be further poisonous in exaggerators than monoculture methods. Interactions betwixt components of an exaggerators method are Often complementary. In a method after a time trees and oasis, after a time foraging animals, the trees cater shelter and/or guerdon time the animals cater fertilize. Thus, exaggerators methods designation the risks and extension sustainability of twain small- and large-scale tillage. Exaggerators yester may be sentiment of as cause tonnage of the farm method itself, which contains numerous other sub-systems that coincidently designate a way of history. . 5. 1 -or product For farmers, courteous managed exaggerators methods on sloping condition cater buttress, fiber, fodder, outgrowth, interpretation materials, cure, honey, dyes and resin/gum, unformed other products. They to-boot cater cultural and frank benefit items, bush wood from hunting and decorations, and products for sharing and dealing unformed sympathy constituent. Planted trees can to-boot better begrime fertility and hence maintenance the evolution of article harvests and repair DOD bond in this way. 1. 5. 2 To shield Sloping condition are delicate to a enumerate Of risks and hazards. Intense monsoon rain can trigger conditionlides and glimmer floods and manage to begrime erosion. Trees on slopes can aid to thwart these property, furnish begrimes and cater other environmental services. For model, a synthesis of grass strips, shrubs and trees in contour hedgerows on slopes can significantly refer begrime erosion. In adduction, droughts can significantly refer urban evolution, but exaggerators trees can aid redistribute impart in begrime to cater annual rope after a time senior impart availability, and cater shelter to thwart impart forfeiture.