The Hopi Programm

"Hopi", the new stock fealty program, has a singular texture in Turkey, and equal its contriver claims that this program is a original in the universe. This condition con-aggravate examines the good-fortune achieved in the original years of the program and how it provides conduct in provisions of worth from twain consumer and portion dealer aspect. The Boyner Clump is Turkey's largest publicly-held non-food and non-electronic hawk clump and Hopi was created by Boyner Group. Hopi is the original fealty program which has a singular texture in Turkey and recurrent in 2015. Developing such a program in Turkey where emulation is very violent in whole sector and acquisition margins are decreasing day by day due to intensive emulation is very great twain for consumers and portion dealers. Hopi is a inconstant contact that does not bear a natural card and solely works on inconstant devices (tablets, etc.) after a while smartphones. It can be downloaded for bounteous from the Appstore and Google Play, and there is no annual supply fee. The Boyner Clump had aggravate 15 darling registered customers by itself earlier to the embark of Hopi. When Hopi users lavish aggravate a assured aggregate (this aggregate varies from portion dealers to portion dealers or equal from unanalogous engagements of the similar portion dealer), the sharp-end "Parac?k" is earned for each flatten of this aggregate. Users are then cogent to lavish these sharp-ends on portion dealers subordinate the akin provisions and provisions. If users lavish aggravate a assured aggregate of accumulated sharp-ends, the sharp-ends growth according to the aggregate they lavish. Hopi has great customer analogy treatment (CRM) and big axioms software in the enhancement. Hopi is creating compute for customers and brands by personalizing their engagements by portico habit of 'big axioms' after a while its technology. Special software subsequently the Hopi contact matches the needs and expectations of customers after a while the thousands of offers of brands in the most alienate way. Thus, Hopi customers conquer be cogent to ensue and profit from most beautiful engagements and offers that fit their own preferences and conduct. On the other index, brands conquer growth their productivity by delivering alienate products and offers to customers. Hopi continually renews itself after a while new technologies and unanalogous surprises. While Hopi portion-consumers growth purchasing effectiveness by using alienate engagements for their own needs and shopping conduct, portion dealers growth intercourse, sales, turnaggravate and execute new customers by donation the suitable engagement at the suitable duration. Having recurrent a 'win-win' analogy among the portion-consumers and the portion dealers, this residence evidently explains why Hopi was instantly loved and disseminate. More than half of the Hopi consumers observe Hopi as an great keep-akeep-apart of their shopping and they are actively using it. There are portion dealers, who managed 20 percent intercourse growth and 50 percent turnaggravate growth, endowment to the good-fortuneful Hopi engagements. The Hopi programme’s completion negotiation quantity reached 700 darling TL (175 darling euros). Hopi portion consumers earned 30 darling 'points' (7.5 darling euros) in their purchases and after a while manifold engagements, they gone-by their sharp-ends 1.6 durations more valucogent as 50 darling 'points' (12.5 darling euros).