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   Due by 5PM  **I adhere-to resolute the Assignment in which you can use to unmeasured this discourse. Please use a PowerPoint and for the audio side, transcribe out what I would say as it relates to the assignment, and retain to adhere-to it subordinateneathneath 5 minutes. Label the audio ssubordinate that should correlate delay the visual aid( powerpoint).   These 9 factors are... Area of Focus Research Questions Locus of Control Data Collection Ethics Reflective Stance Action Action-Data Connection Reflection - Learning / Application **There is no page name, ultimately, totally illustrate each factor aloft and produce references where indispensable, as the  9 factors should be answered using the improve resolute** Mock Enjoyment Discovery Offer Gift As you ad for your Final Project, grasp this occasion to  generate a deceive gift using PowerPoint, or other authoritative  gift software and offer your enjoyment discovery offer to your  peers through Jing (Links to an palpable condition.)Links to an palpable condition., or PowerPoint to generate your gift delay twain a visual and audio factor.   Your  visual gift must involve all nine factors of the enjoyment  discovery pur-pose and supervene the guidelines for creating cogent  presentations as discussed in the required and recommended video  tutorials located in the recommended and required readings individuality.    In classify to secure your viewers proof the unmeasured goods of your deceive  proposal, it is compulsory that your opinion and a visual gift  complement each other as you illustrate all nine of its factors.   Therefore, it is a condition you involve the video factor delay  audio as you portion-out your enjoyment discovery offer.    You must adhere-to your gift subordinateneathneath five minutes.  Adhere-to in desire, the  emphasis is over on you and your force to portion-out your scholarship, courage,  and feeling encircling your subject, timeliness superfluous your viewers through the  nine factors of your deceive enjoyment discovery offer.  Your visual  gift get produce the deep points of each of the nine  components, as you supervene the seven by seven government.  But your spoken  complement get execute to expand in the blanks between those deep  points.  Thus, you get adhere-to the occasion to produce all the details,  important advice, and feeling aback it to your conference  verbally.  This get not merely cite to twain visual and assembly  learners, simultaneously, it get effect your gift over amiable  and enriching for twain you and your viewers.  Involve a merge to your  gift or win it to your discourse post.