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This week you accept three options. Choose one singly. If you accept an share in letter about another conclusion as well-behaved, why not accept that aggravate to the customary argument forum? Option #1 "Historical" Religions Importantly, Smith claims that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are each “historical” intellectual, in a way that Hinduism and Buddhism are not. What does he accept in choice by “historical” if the notion is reputed to discover the Eastern and Western Religious traditions? Option #2 Faith and Madness Something you hear from critics of sanctity a lot is that belief unquestionably calls for a psychical exposition. Freud, you may resumption, provision of belief as a bark of neurosis. Harris positively doesn’t prosper Freud in the details, but does maintain that belief is related to insanity. Why? What openings for apology do you see to that impeach? Option #3 THE CHOSEN One notion of Judaism that customaryly draws person is the notion of a “chosen people”. Why is that such a hot-button? Smith is watchful to translate that notion in a way that defuses it? How does he try to do that, and how happy would you say he is?