2 part question-paper

   Write a 3-4 page Nursing essay in APA mouldat (not including the shield page and relation page) as an essay (do not use topic and acceptance mouldat. Must be APA and your Nursing essay must accept 3 read relations. This media that you must establish peer-reviewed tenets.    Instructions: Search the internet or in the library (tidings sections) for a general profession flexure undertaking betwixt 2 interpolitical companies from contrariant countries. You may establish an condition of cause here: http://www.prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/financial-services-latest-news/joint-ventures-list/  For this assignment: 1. Describe the two companies that are moulding the flexure undertaking and the countries in which those companies are establishd. 2. Research and fix some of the cultural differences betwixt the countries and the companies. 3. Identify some of the challenges that the dispel workers succeed visage from twain companies. 4. What challenges succeed be visaged by the multi-cultural teams? 5. Using the lessons from the byage, delineation a trailing contemplation that the companies could use to repair the outcomes of moulding the flexure undertaking. 6. Would you use ruler coaches for the leaders and managers of the companies? 7. What advantages of cultural heterogeneousness may the leaders of the audience exercise in getting the flexure undertaking off to the correct initiate? 8. What are the contrariant stages that companies may by through as they lay-open interpolitically Part 2 of the assignment: Summarize one of the tenets you establishd for the over assignment. Be strong that you afford the APA relation for the condition you establishd. Your support may admit the mould of an annotate bibliography. You must transcribe at last 50 tone.