Digetal Media and Marketing

   Kotler & Keller (2016) explain postureing as "the act of sharp a company's oblation and copy to hold a eminent establish in the minds of the target chaffer" (p. 107). Marketers lay-out most of their advertising dollars communicating the mark posture to their target customers through multiform media sources. It is very essential that elimination is commenceed to sanction that consumers ponder and feel the way chafferers purpose towards the mark.  Read the markchannel.com boundary, Driving Mark Distinction: 5 Questions after a while Subaru US President Tom Doll (http://www.brandchannel.com/2016/04/29/5-questions-subaru-042916/).  Doll is asked environing a television spot depicting an older dame after a while her granddaughter explaining where she met her wife (at Woodstock). https://youtu.be/OQGe85oHbqs The interviewer asks the investigation “is the Subaru mark limiting its auditory by the percussion this ad creates.” He states that "our customers peel of led us to this. And it's unquestionably a cogitation of where we affect we insufficiency to construct an impression on the open society". He claims their customers entertain been designated "granola crunchers and tree huggers".  For this assignment, you conciliate transcribe a disquisition to prove the postureing of a mark in the chaffer and the mark’s customer appreciate statement. Using Subaru, or a mark of your excellent, commence consumer elimination after a whilein your divergence of friends, family, and co-workers to designate the productiveness of the mark's postureing diplomacy and customer appreciate statement. Describe how your consumers' responses are or are not accordant after a while the mark's postureing diplomacy. In other utterance, if you asked environing Subaru, did you heed comments that are accordant after a while the "granola crunchers and tree huggers" identification? Ensure your disquisition incorporates the following: A      minimum of two pages (not including conceal page, board of contents, etc.) Double-spaced      lines 12-point      font magnitude text APA      writing style