Dracula fanfiction

Write a 2-4 page result of imaginative fanmyth to present your interpretation of important characters, disquisitions, and stylistic elements in one of the assigned route materials (e.g. Dracula or Blade) The message "fan myth" or "fanfic" refers to stories that are created by fans of an peculiar result, such as a compass, TV semblance, anime, movie, or funny. These pieces usually localize characters and settings from the peculiar result, though they can frequently strengthen peculiar characters and settings, too. Some ins of results that are used by fan myth authors as starting points are the Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings, Twilight, and anime sequence. Works of fanmyth are rarely commissioned or signed by the peculiar result's proprietor, action, or publisher; as-well, they are almost never negotiatively published. Because of this, stories frequently comprehend a dissatisfaction stating that the action of the result owns none of the characters. Fan myth, for-this-reason, is defined by entity twain connected to its subject's spiritual mythal earth and concertedly bulky without the test of that earth. Most fan myth transcribers take that their result is peruse chiefly by other fans, and for-this-reason incline to anticipate that their readers keep comprehension of the "universe" (created by a negotiative transcriber) in which their results are naturalized. You can see an in of fanmyth here: "The Ending that Should Keep Been" - Dracula fanfiction  https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8365344/1/The-Ending-That-Should-Have-Been Assignment: Your result of fanmyth should: Be at last 500 say in protraction (and no further than 1,000 say in protraction). You must embody a order sum at the end of your fanfiction. Do NOT embody footnotes/annotations in your order sum.  Expand upon or refancy a disquisition in a result we've discussed this semester (e.g. gender and sexuality, community and the peculiar, family, collocate, and command). Mimic elements of phraseology, mood, and characterization from the peculiar result.  Mimic narrative devices and tropes from the peculiar result (e.g. symbolism, metaphors).  Include some characters and settings from the peculiar result. You may scantiness to fancy what happens after the circumstances in the passage we’ve peruse, or you ability transcribe environing an distinct or circumstance that ability keep fascinated locate without of the circumstances of the passage. Be imaginative. Include footnotes/annotations that elucidate your use of the over elements. You should keep at last 8 footnotes/annotations.