Theories of Psychotherapy and Counseling Decisive Presentation This decisive donation get depict and solidity your hypothetical orientation to this sharp-end in your negotiative crop. The donation get think your momentous thinking environing 3 theories and how you cull to solidity them. Argue your selected theories using your own utterance and your own intelligence. Talk environing how this supcomposition (your integration) fit after a while your philosophy of career, community, how community get “stuck,” substitute and gain-ground. This donation should think your union of hypothetical concepts after a while your own unity and philosophy, and think your own evolving mode to counseling. This donation does not resemble a decisive conclusion environing your hypothetical orientation. Rather, it is the leading stalk in the crop of your own emerging hypothetical orientation which get hold to unfold throughout your graduate labor and negotiative career.  Discuss the following: Personal Philosophy-(10 pts)-your own philosophy environing career, community, unity, pathology and substitute. Then depict your selected integration of theories in conditions of the components adown and argue throughout how your idiosyncratic philosophy fits after a while these components. Human Nature-(16 sharp-ends) Assumptions environing anthropological character. This should comprise the hypothetical views on how unity and psychopathology unfold; The Substitute Process-(16 pts) Hypothetical goals of counseling and how clients substitute; Counselor role in therapy-(20 pts) Role of the counselor and your thinkions on how you would impress life in that role; Therapeutic Approach-(20 pts) Techniques, methods, interpositions, and strategies used in your burgeoning supposition; Application-(20pts) Address the contact of your burgeoning supcomposition in your desired labor enhancement or desired population/demographic Research-(20 pts) Incorporate erudite, fellow reviewed journals, ancient authors or texts that livelihood components of your hypothetical comcomposition (call studies that livelihood the agency of a hypothetically unhesitating interposition you capability use in your labor enhancement (or desired labor enhancement or population); Multicultural Implications-(20 pts) Argue the implications/considerations for use after a while multicultural and sundry populations in your desired labor enhancement; Limitations-(15 pts) Depict limitations and criticisms of your hypothetical mode. Presentation- (38 pts) You get be graded on pleased, rationale and construction. Be unhesitating to tally questions. References are required after a whilein the donation (on slides in APA phraseology) and on your definite slide.  .