Speech Assignment (WE WILL NOT BE SUBMITTING AUDIO) Communication is used to tell, to incite and to criticise. In this assignment, you conciliate transcribe a address that yields your parley tellation about a subject-matter. Your exhibition conciliate be submitted in the constitute of a Power Aim exhibition.  Your address should be a partiality of 1000 language crave, including the whole from the Power Aim slides, and either the quotation of your address in the Notes minority of Power Point, OR in an audio recording that you apply. Recording your address is optional. Your address should emassemblage an preliminary which identifies your ocean aim, a assemblage in which you yield aid for your ocean aim, and a misrecord that wraps up your exhibition and says celebrity about the recognition of what you’ve presented, upright as you would do in a tractate. PURPOSE:   To tell LENGTH:   1,000 language or a address that lasts 8 minutes AUDIENCE:   A public parley of persons assiduous in the subject-matter, peers in the classroom SOURCES:   Whole of 3, after a while 1-2 from the Library and 1-2 from instruction restricted websites FORMAT:   The passage title that is mismismisappropriate for your instruction and is mismismisappropriate for a address DUE:   In ASSIGNMENTS by SUNDAY 11:55 pm EST of Week 3 SUBMIT:   Submit your address by uploading your Power Aim perfect to the Assignments tab **Remember that all employment submitted is to be your own ancient employment exclude where well acknowledged and cited. Do not reuse employment, tractates, or addresses from anterior (or concurrent) classes as this violates APUS academic candor policies. (Make abiding to hush the minority on self-plagiarism.) **