Evidence Based Practice

   Purpose of the Study · Describe the end/aim of the consider as the producer customary in the article: may do cut & paste · Do NOT diversify or variegate the end assertion on the article  Variables: Identify consider variables from the overhead customary End of Study Quantitative Study: Dependent & Independent Variables OR Descriptive, Qualitative Study: Variables of Interest  Participants: Enrollment: How did they recruit/enroll worthy participants in the consider? Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria: Describe Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria Total Participant Numbers: Total mass of participants in the consider  Part III: Agency Procedures/Obtaining Information Procedures Quantitative Study:  Intervention/Treatment Group · Describe the agency divergency dedicated to Agency group · Describe how the divergency were dedicated to Agency group · Identify the individual who granted Agency divergency to Agency group Control Group: If the consider has Control Group · Describe the divergency dedicated to Control group · Describe how the divergency were dedicated to Control group · Identify the individual who granted divergency to Control group  OR Descriptive/Qualitative Study: Obtaining Information Procedure  · Describe the inferential process for obtaining information/data (i.e. made Nursing Assignment to as each participant, visited home/met in clinical setting……etc)