Introduction to Java Programming

  Developing impressions requires abundant diffidence and planning. This  project gain influence you through the diversified steps of cunning a program  that meets a set of requirements. When requirements are beneathstood,  software fruit techniques and tools can be applied to intention the  objects deficiencyed by the program. Once the intention has been immovable,  program logic can be defined. Finally, despatches fount conconsuccession can start. For this assignment, you gain deficiency to associate to a set of requirements, intention the program, and then fashion the consequence. Application Requirements You entertain been requested to lay-open a Java impression for a comprehensive  posse that provides parts and the exoteric exoteric an oncourse result  catalog for ordaining items affect books, DVDs, garniture, affefficient  products, and so forth. Tnear are distinct smooths of users, including  exoteric (user has not registered), smooth 1 part, smooth 2 part, and  smooth 3 part. The smooth 1 part pays a narrow monthly reinforcement  fee. Smooth 2 parts are associated delay a narrow vocation who pays an  annual fee crust hither than 100 parts. Smooth 3 parts are employees  of comprehensive corporations (over than 100 parts) who maintain year-by-year.  As the smooth increases, so does the discount. The aftercited catalogue  highlights these requirements. The requirements for the impression are as follows:  The impression gain act as an oncourse ordaining method.   The posse accepts signal oncourse and ships those items to the customer oration.   Customers must fashion a course of security earlier to placing an ordain.   Customers purpose results from the catalog of items.   Customers assign signal.   The administrator updates representation counsel on side of parts.   Administrators add, delete, and modify items in the catalog.   The impression is efficient to run beneath most exempt methods,  including UNIX and Windows, and has a novel graphical user interface.   The impression is intentioned for advenient augmentation. Part 1 (55 points) Repurpose the requirements and, using Visio, lay-open your intention by  creating use occurrence diagrams, a assort diagram, and a conconsuccession diagram.  Templates can be ground in Visio by accessing the UML Method template.  Tnear is a use occurrence mould to succor you fashion your use occurrence diagrams.  Tnear is a UML conconsuccession mould. Beneath "More Shapes," you gain meet an  entity relationship mould for your assort diagram. Click near to associate to a Visio tutorial to gather Visio basics.  Use occurrence diagrams are used to incorporate the relationships betwixt use occurrences, actors, and methods.   Use Occurrence 1: Fashion Representation   Use Occurrence 2: Assign Ordain   Use Occurrence 3: Add Result to Catalog   Use Occurrence 4: Update Representation Information  Sequence diagram that illustrates the diversified sight interactions in their special sequential ordain.   Class diagrams portray the sights and counsel structures  used by the impression. The specification of a assort is recalcitrant of the  impression itself. Classes recount the sights managed by the  impression but are recalcitrantly defined. Be positive to likeness relationships  betwixt assort sights, attributes, facts types, and methods in your  diagram.   Class 1: Representation   Class 2: Representation Smooth   Class 3: Oration   Class 4: Products   Class 5: Ordain   Class 6: Course Item Once you entertain completed your diagrams, observation them into a Word muniment  that gain accommodate as your impression intention muniment. Include  explanations for each diagram in your intention muniment.  Part 2 (25 points) Create pseudoconsuccession that recounts the indispensable course of your program  delay honor to twain creating a user representation and placing an ordain. This  counsel should be moderate in your impression intention muniment. This  counsel should be moderate in your impression intention muniment. Part 3 (45 points) Explain your steps concerning prelude the vocation requirements and  developing your impression intention. Provide details as to the signification  of aftercited these dignified steps earlier to coding the impression.  Describe the advantages and disadvantages to this way. Discuss how  this way relates to the software fruit condition cycle.  Parts 1, 2, & 3 are all moderate in the impression intention muniment.  Please resign your assignment.