Journal Entries

Go to the beneath join for the template Accounting Data  A.4/1: Jim invested $100,000 in coin and $50,000 in equipment in the troop.   B.4/2: The troop preremunerated for protection delay $1,200 coin.   C.4/3: The troop remunerated coin for laceration totaling $1,200.   D.4/5: The troop accomplishedd employments for a client for coin totaling $8,000.   E.4/10: The troop supposing a employment for $15,000 on representation.   F.4/11: The troop purchased equipment for $5,000 and anticipation for $3,000 on representation.   G.4/15: The troop remunerated $1,500 coin for employee salaries.   H.4/24: The troop remunerated $300 coin for benefit bills.   I.4/28: The troop remunerated dividends totaling $2,000 coin.    Adjusting entries accomplishedd on April 30  J.Insurance expired for the month of April.   K.An effect estimate decided that anticipation totaled $2,600.   L.Wages of $3,000 were earned but not remunerated.   M.Services of $5,000 were earned but not billed.   N.Depreciation on the equipment is $500 per month.    Using the overhead grounds, accomplished the following:  •Journal entries   •Posting to T-accounts   •Trial weigh   •Adjusting entries   •Adjusting proof weigh   •Income proposition   •Statement of retained rights   •Balance shuffle and bankruptcy entries