Managerial Accounting

  Question 1 Josh Donaldson is filled by Bringer of Rain Inc. and is straightly confused in preparing and packaging the MLB functional baseballs. The basic wage objurgate is $15 per hour and he is compensated spell-and-a-half for any is-sue in debauchery of 40 hours per week. Additionally, Bringer of Rain Inc. arranges a fringe blessing package that devours the congregation $5 for each hour of employee spell (periodical or overtime). During a novel week, Donaldson is-sueed 49 hours but was indolent for 3 hours due to a embodieds shortage. Assume that Bringer of Rain Inc. treats all fringe blessings as divorce of manufacturing over. Compute Donaldson's whole remuneration and fringe blessings for the week and betoken how abundant of his remuneration and fringe blessings for the week would be allocated to plain labour and how abundant would be allocated to manufacturing over. Question 2 Prepare a register of devour of consequence unnatural in good-tempered-tempered fashion. The aftercited devours rehearse to one month’s air in Nutcracker Company: Inplain embodieds $300 Rent on factory building 500 Maintenance of equipment 50 Direct embodied used 1,200 Utilities on factory 250 Direct labour 1,500 Selling expense 500 Administrative expense 300 Work-in-process catalogue, prelude 600 Work-in-process catalogue, issue 800 Finished consequence catalogue, prelude 500 Finished consequence catalogue, issue 250 Question 3 Suppose that you possess been absorbed a summer job as an intern at Electronic Waves, a congregation that manufactures movable two-way radio transceivers for radio enthusiasts. The secret owned congregation has approached a bank for a mortgage to succor finance its awful augmentation. The bank insist-upons financial assertions precedently commendatory such a mortgage. You possess been asked to succor just the financial assertions and were absorbed the aftercited register of devours. Classify the aftercited registers of devours as either result (inventoriable) devours or date (non-inventoriable) devours for purposes of preparing the financial assertions for the bank. Product Cost (Inventoriable) Period Cost Depreciation on salespersons’ cars. Salaries of personnel who is-sue in the perfect consequence repository. Rent on equipment used in the factory. Lubricants used for document defence. Soap and tractate towels used by factory is-sueers at the end of a displace. Factory supervisors’ salaries. Heat, breathe-into, and agency devourd in the factory. Materials used for boxing congregation results for shipment overseas. (Units are not normally boxed.) Advertising devours. Workers’ Compensation Insurance for factory employees. Depreciation on chairs and tables in the factory lunchroom. The devour of packaging the congregation’s result. The remuneration of the receptionist in the administrative offices. Cost of leasing the corpoobjurgate jet used by the congregation’s executives. The devour of renting rooms at a British Columbia assembly for the annual sales contravention. Question 4 Last month Mont Tremblant Biking, a mountain sporting consequence retailer, had whole sales of $3,200,000, selling expenses of $110,000, and administrative expenses of $470,000. The congregation had prelude goods catalogue of $140,000, purchased concomitant goods catalogue for $2,550,000, and had issue goods catalogue of $180,000. Prepare an allowance assertion for the congregation for the month. Question 5 The Trump International Tavern & Tower is a five-star tavern located in downtown Toronto. The tavern’s operations fault moderator would enjoy to restore the tavern’s give computer terminals at the registration desk delay pleasant state-of-the-art flat-panel displays. The new displays would use near distance, devour near agency than the old computer terminals, and arrange concomitant assurance since they can be viewed singly from a stringent direction. The new computer displays would not insist-upon any new wiring. However, the tavern’s chef believes the funds would be meliorate late on a new mass freezer for the kitchen. Classify each individual as a differential devour, an opening devour, or a impoverished devour in the determination to restore the old computer terminals delay new flat-panel displays. If none of the categories use for a divorceicular individual, fine "None." Item Differential Cost Opportunity Cost Sunk Cost None Cost of the old computer terminals Cost of solid registration desk wiring Rent on the distance biased by the registration desk Wages of registration desk personnel Benefits from a new freezer Costs of maintaining the old computer terminals Cost of removing the old computer terminals Cost of the new flat-panel displays