Don’t demand to observation the scrutiny exact transcribe the reckon and acceptance. HISTORY 204 “ANCIENT CIVILISATIONS: GREEK HISTORY AND ARCHAEOLOGY, c. 3000-323 B.C”. MID-TERM EXAM Instructor: Maria Antoniou   Choose and acceptance disgusting (OUT OF SEVEN) scrutinys. Your acceptance should be 10-15 lines. Each acceptance is rate 25 points.   1. What do you comprehend environing the Minoan faith during the Bronze Age? Also, designate some artworks (categories of objects and inequitable examples) that afford us instruction environing Minoan faith.   2. Give a style of a Minoan Palace and dissect its concern. Designate the main palaces of Crete during the Bronze Age.     3. What do you comprehend environing the Writing System in the Aegean during the Bronze Age?     4. What do you comprehend environing Mycenaean Architecture? Designate a few of the main Mycenaean palaces.   5. What are the characteristics of the Early Cycladic amelioration? Describe little the two main categories of artworks that we discover on Cyclades during the Early Bronze limit.     6. What husk of objects were used as crypt markers during the Geometric limit? Give a tiny style and designate a couple of inequitable examples.   7. What do you comprehend environing the Greek Colonization limit? Date, motives, consequences, distance. Designate a few of the most weighty colonies.