Science, Philosophy and Society

Subject: Science, Philosophy and Society Question: Do you understand you are not in the Matrix, and does it subject? From my sense, I am not subsist in a authentic restence, I subsist in some skin of order such as Matrix Philosophers and physicists were discussed a lot environing the matrix that we subsist in, so and they gave fur over ideas environing the computer pretence and a authentic restence. From my top of apprehension, we are positively subsist in the matrix, and the restence is not authentic that we subsist. I reckon the earth is somehow apsemblance a order and anything depends on one another. And I bear sufficient plain reasons and models to semblance that. So if we reckon carefully and logically, we can promote that the restence we subsist in is not authentic. Why?Let's reckon logically, environing on the planet Earth that we subsist in. If the moon was typical a paltry bit elevate or closer separate from our planet how that would relish and vary anything and if we were elevate closer to the sun how that would relish and vary anything and how our substance has these abundant-sided functions way oxygen and sunlight what it produces and we it's so intricate. And how we educe, so we bear been educed straight anything that we educe in our companionship starts behind a while a cogitation by our brain. The earth we subsist in reachs typical and settled. It reachs apsemblance this is typical how cosmicals rest and regularly rested. But its not. According to my sense, our planet is going rotund its axis, and we can not subsist on the planet than from the planet Earth. We are fortified by the layers of the sky, and we are consecrated air and steep for our subsists, and we accomplish do other material things for outlast by ourselves. For model; we are creating unanalogous types of corpotrue and intelligent techniques to produce things corpounquestionably easer, and we are arrange unanalogous skin of products to use; we refine unanalogous skins of plans to eat. If we do not do these things, we can not perchance fabricate our subsists. So from my sense, it's typical apsemblance a fully structured program, and we've got this fully structured program, we bear to reproduce-exhibit for asubsist and we bear programmed into this planet Earth. Maybe my ideas are crime, but reckon carefully, that our brain and substance is such a fully structured order. For model; if we nidor, hearken, eat, move, or see anything, we can not say it's all authentic accordingly anything we prostrate that automatically accomplish despatch signals to our basic order which is brain. So we can easily say it is somehow apsemblance a order. If we do not bear a brain we can not reach at all. Admit an model of the stomach, and this is very abundant-sided such as other organisms is works apsemblance a order. So unique cell of the 10000 trillions cells in our substance unquestionably has its own report, yes is it fabulous but when we zoom it, we can see it apsemblance a universe.Furthermore, how do we understand that anything is rests how do we understand there's a earth beyond my judgment I contemplate arotund there a earth of cars and tables and trees and buildings how do authenticly that any of it is authentic I reckon none of them is authentic, so why? Because, abundant things that we see and the corpotrue objects is not to semblance us the veracity it is to blink the veracity so that we do not bear to trade behind a while all that abundant-sidedity and we bear a paltry eye candy for our letter that let us do what we failure to do to alight safe. So we can see barely beyonds and we cannot see behind a whilein that things and as accomplish as any skin of very paltry things. We can barely see things simpler, but it accomplish contemplate altogether unanalogous when we contemplate at it behind a while inconspicuous, closely-distinct, and apart neighborhood devices. For model, we cannot see bacteria unformed in the air, so millions of unanalogous skins of bacteria fly in the air we breathe. We cannot confer to see very narrow insects and neither plants. So I disregard that anything that we see is not authentic. We see and reach this veracity, but that does not balance we subsist in authentic restence. We barely see tenth of what we see arotund us, this balance we barely see falsity but not authentic.I regard that all vulgar are educed by Allah and subsist in a authentic restence. And I failure to say an model of a size educed by God, the size is determined Quran. If we admit Islam from a devotional top of apprehension, if we see the Quran which is 1400yrs old, calm?} mentions abundant grounds which is we are not subsist in authentic restence, for model we cannot see and reach any skin of the leader and the snouts, and this cannot be seen by cosmical eyes, but animals can see it and besides they can be seen on the camera images we are typical foundation in a order that God has educed, but we can see authentic restence behind we die. Some vulgar may privilege that the Quran was varyd as new philosophical grounds were discovered. But this cannot be the circumstance, accordingly it is a historically documented certainty that the Quran is preserved in it is first diction. A Quran was written down and memorised by vulgar during the restenceera of the Prophet Muhammad.Thank you for your era.