6051 social work

  Assignment: Anti-Oppressive Political Result Practice Anti-oppressive political result media critically meditation on your own cultural identities and how the political environment applications these identities. Acknowledging capacity and claim can be uncomfortable; at-last, delay values of multiculturalism and political reasonableness, political resulters are committed to winning in their own bisecticular result and addressing political barriers clients may trial. Political resulters aim clients from a strengths-established perspective utilizing client strengths to influence their goals, rather than pathologizing clients from the lens of the dominant culture. For the departed six weeks, you enjoy well-informed about the political rendering of political identities, structural disproportion established on dominant and non-dominant clumps, and oppressions established on sex, dispose, and direction. While readings enjoy once sharp out unspotted claim as the dominant clump claim, you also perceive that claim is not same orderly in clumps. Intersecting identities creates choice trials for clients. For this assignment, you haul from what you enjoy been attainments during the primeval bisect of this direction and argue strategies for anti-oppressive political result custom. By Day 7 Submit a 2- to 3-page APA formatted pamphlet in which you: Explain the immanent application of unspotted claim on clients from twain dominant and youngster clumps (deduce application of twain dogmatic and disclaiming stereotypes). Explain how intersecting identities strength application an individual’s trial (for model, direction/ethnicity and gender, direction/ethnicity and dispose, direction/ethnicity and force, direction/ethnicity and sexual orientation, direction/ethnicity and dispose). Providing unfair models, elucidate how a political resulter strength economize cultural strengths when resulting delay clients. Describe 2-3 political result skills and how a political resulter strength use them to vouch in anti-oppressive result. Support ideas in pamphlet delay at last 2-3 direction media (fascinate allusion unfair chapters, not the complete textbook) and at last one concomitant peer-reviewed word from the Walden library (not assigned in this direction) to influence your ideas