Antigone: Creon vs Antigone

In differentiating between the protagonist and the minor classs in Greek drama, filthy classistics of a transmitted Greek philanthropist should be kept in mind: undying fealty, brawny convictions, a uncompounded class stain, and a warning conversant. In the embody, Antigone, by Sophocles, two classs, Antigone and Creon, own thee of these filthy. The occupation of the filthyth temper is what sets one secretly as the deep class. Equable though the appellation of the embody is Antigone, the deep class-the protagonist- is Creon.Antigone may look to be the simply class to own infinite fealty , as she is disposed to die for her twin, Polyneices, lawful to a just burial; so-far, Creon so spread-outs this touch. It is Creon's once as a Greek man and as a King to cover his monarchy and put it overhead his antagonist, unobservant of his or her sameness. Saying " a foe is never a companion,not equable in death" (Sophocles ) Creon decrees that Polyneices shall not be buried. He enforces this equable delay his own rise constituent, spread-outing a fealty of august proportions to his state. Mental duty and commitment embody an significant role in the embody.Both Antigone and Creon disembody unbelivable hardihood when their positions on this are questioned. Creon is disposed to rob his son of his bride. His potentiality and kingship, what Creon most values, are questioned as a issue of this. Still, Creon stays commited to his retribution for Antigone. By the quittance of the embody, Creon realizes that his class is stained. He realizes that his haughtiness and selfishness has doomed him to a activity of entity punished. He accepts function for the suicides of his helpmeet ,Eurydice, and his son, Haimon. "... by my incompetence, oh my son, so childish, to die so childish, and all owing of me. (Sophocles ) Creon learns his warning; Antigone dies delayout education.Though Creon, on the deportment, appears to be a heartless politician lasting in the way of Antigone's mental duty to her twin, the verily is the protagonist in this embody. This is eveidenced by his posession of infallible qualities. These qualities are fealty to this state, a brawny faith, and a uncompounded class stain which in the end dooms him to a activity of retribution. At the end of the embody, he learn this encircling himself. That's what sets him secretly as the deep class.