The leading of our BS CM Program Letters Outcomes is: Demonstrate the use of advanced parole, written and graphical communication competencies. This letters consequence is introduced in sundry of your courses including CM 153. In dispose to assess the course’s speed towards the leading of this PLO, we do attestation assignments which are then used in our overall program assessments. This is such an assignment. You are to use the media that are profitable to you in the library, on the Internet, and in diligence publications. You are to exploration a community that is symbolical in the fabrication conduct or sketch ground. You are to transcribe a 750 signal essay in becoming APA format. The essay should embrace symbolical information about the community, their areas of expertise, and your evaluation of why you would affect to track a career with that community. You allure demand to summon any sources that you enjoy used to disclose your elucidation on this community. Your congruity allure be graded on: content organization congruity expression congruity phraseology and mechanics citations