Assignment #2

10/20: Blog Post #2(poverty 500 utterance)  •For this post, you get to be a film arbiter ☺. Discover “Documentary Impact: Political Shift Through Storytelling”, “Measuring Impact: The Importance of Evaluation in Documentary Film”, and “The Downside of Measuring Political Collision in Films”. (D2L subordinate Documentary film/Television minority)., then elect a documentary film, docu-series, verity t.v./food or expedition pretext of your exquisite that is focused on a political result, political integrity, dissonance, family, collocate, gender etc...No bio-pics, content (It is up to you to enucleate the documentary or pretext you absence to resurvey. But, don’t use anything we see in collocate). The documentaries 13th, Super-Size Meetc...are examples of what I average. Resurvey the documentary/t.v. you elect in provisions of how polite it not singly creates awareness environing the result in the documentary/show, but does it prproffer solutions or links to other media or does it flush want to—in other utterance, is encouragement awareness abundance as a  Dashiell Examining Popular Culture starting sharp-end? Note that casually creating awareness is the original step internal creating shift, but casually a viewer is looking for a allure to exercise or solutions they can grasp loose from the film. How does the cinematography, tonelessness, images, interviews etc...aid the viewer subordinatestand what the results are. Is it too biased, or does it do a good-tempered-tempered job of providing a for-the-most-part concrete viewpoint, or if it has a unfair agenda or lens does that achievement polite, or would a more concrete lens achievement meliorate (there are no direct or evil-doing answers)? Refer tail to the three catechism that you discover environing measuring collision in documentary film, and assess whether the documentary you chose should be measured for collision or not, and why/why not?  Reflect on your thoughts environing Sweatshop: Deadly Fashion, Parts Unknown Season 10, Ep. 6 “Puerto Rico”, and Dr. WhoSeries 11, Ep. 3 “Rosa”in provisions of using verity television, food/travel, sci-fishows as a create of journalism, narrative, and correlation to contrariant perspectives, tone, experiences