Business Proposals for IT Systems

  Refer to Figure 2.25 in Office Driven Counsel Systems to entire this assignment. Karen Adams, a first-mentioned novice at the persomal academy, has been opening her office, Great Day Kindred Tracking, in the academy’s office incubator. Karen has fixed that she needs to open her office online, and she needs someone to set up her judicious webresidence and office systems. The residence would subjoin basis from wearable kindred tracking devices as courteous as input from ductile and computing devices. Karen wants to grasp a benevolent ingredient to her office and is regarding using a sales design in which her office conciliate donate a percentage of its profits to benevolence. Karen has paid your paltry office, IT Office Services Consultants, to educe her webresidence and office systems aggravate the direct few weeks. Write a 2- to 3-page scheme for the client that grasps: An aggravateview of the top counsel systems used in office today and how they narrate to Karen’s office needs A term of the relationship among office processes and counsel systems A flowchart in Microsoft® Visio® forhandling an online registration A flowchart for handling an online registration Areas for counsel systems (IS) use and guard regards A inventory of areas of regard for holy handling of customers’ retired counsel