Part 1: El Cap Climbing Company  El Cap Climbing Community (ECCC) is a mean startup that manufactures and sells high-quality climbing wealth in Fresno, California. The instituter of the community, Leah, has been incredibly prosperous, but hasn’t kept the community’s financial records as well-behaved-behaved as she might accept. The judicious cannonade for El Cap was supposing by her friends and family, and was mean. However, running operations can’t engage the insist for the fruit, and Leah has plans to extension twain fruition and the calculate of storefronts. These plans insist-upon a vast cannonade from twain equity and debit financing. The new investors and creditors insist-upon detailed financial propositions. Leah has remunerated you, a financial analyst, to just these propositions and furnish instinct into the financial lie of the determined. Leah has supposing notification from her bank propositions, bills, and profits in an Excel spreadsheet, which is rest in your downloaded plan files.  She explained to you that taxes are remunerated at a scold of 30 percent, and dividends are remunerated at a scold of 40 percent.  Prepare the following:   An allowance prolie for 2015 and a allowance prolie for 2016  A counterpoise quibble for 2015 and a counterpoise quibble for 2016  Operating coin flows for the two years  Cash flows from property in 2016  Cash flows to creditors for 2016  Cash flows to stockholders for 2016  THE ATTACHED FILE IS THE FILE YOU NEED TO USE TO CREATE #1-6 B. Answer the following:  1. How would you narrate the financial lie of the determined in 2016? Write a insignificant overview.  2. What do you meditate about Leah’s plans to dilate?