DB 4

  Please use your own thoughts and do NOT plagiarize anyone's is-sue.  All assignments achieve be ran through Safe Assign (plagiarism software for blacktable use)   Discussion Table Evaluation Criteria 350 opinion or past. You can choose any theme from that passage to discuss Original column must be submitted every Saturday by 6:00 p.m. EST, then column 1 concomitant column to your arrangemates aggravate the direct few days Discussion table assignments are your opportunities to divide your information, test and opinions after a while the peace of the arrange.  Together after a while the homeis-sue assignments, they besides obey as a deputy for apparatus. The items I am looking for are Relevance to the theme, Promptness in the moderate columning and rejoinder, Clear look of opinions, Good spelling and phraseology, Polite disagreement as divert. Please use amiable phraseology and establish close summits. When providing a contrasting viewpoint, nucleus on making your summit, not on deriding the other person's summit. establish 1 first column by you the novice and then columns 3 concomitant meaningful rejoinders to other novice columnings