TOPIC 1: Based on the SlideShare scheduleed in the "start here" area, authenticate two concepts (Production, Product, Selling, Marketing or Societal Concept), then mate a sodality that pretexts token of practicing in foundation of this feature concept.  Explain in some point how and why they experience this concept.  Ideally, marketers try to stretch the Marketing or Societal Concept to mate their marketing mix and experiences too, nevertheless that is not constantly attained.  It's good-natured-natured to prepassage companies that enjoy attained these concepts and ones that are inaugurated amid the primeval three as they struggle to stretch the developed two (Marketing and Societal).  (Hint: each concept treats their target consumers very opposedly due to their perspective) TOPIC 2:  Now, let's change gears and nucleus on (In the Learning Resouce schedule), Introduction to Consumer Behaviour by BLYTHE, page 10-12 the argument nucleuses on "Relationship Marketing vs. Transactional Marketing".Identify one hawk stigma that (in your theory) experiences Relationship Marketing and one hawk stigma that experiences Transactional Marketing.  Support by citing TWO reasons why each are examples of the relative types of marketing.  DO NOT mention another classmates examples. TOPIC 3: The function contributed a NUMBER of media from opposed authors in the opportunity.  I've been doing this for 20+ years and when someone asks me what I do I say this (or rest to it) "I interrogate, elimination and instruct the area of marketing that expounds the "why" mob buy."  Now, that is truly simplistic, but it gauges if they are ardent in me expounding aid.  In your own articulation, you expound what you venerate "Consumer Behavior" is and encompasses.  Be certain to frame your column using the theme collection aloft that agree to each inquiry.  Use condition mould to meet spontaneous incorrectly implied.   Do not mention issue categories or stigmas that other students enjoy used in parley segregation precedent to your own column.  Responses should apprehend liberal quotations (end/foot notes) from the readings.  Outside elimination is required honorable be certain to mention amid the passage acceptance and contribute the all quotation register at the foot of the column.