Explain the processes and problems of making a domestic capital investment decision if you are an owner -manager with no diversified assets

  Full Question:  1. Explain the arrangementes and problems of making a domiciliary cardinal cannonade conclusion if you are an possessor -overseer delay no variegated assets 2. Discuss how your rejoinder capability vary were your concourse to be smitten balance by a easily variegated possessor that retains you as aggravateseer. 2000 words This is a involved doubt, I can cater some aid in the make.  1.Introduction- What are cardinal cannonades? Domiciliary cardinal cannonade vs International cardinal cannonades (their dissonances, contrariant factors) 2.Concentrated portfolios vs Variegated Portfolios 3.The arrangement of cardinal cannonade. 4 categories of this arrangement: 1. determination of a budget 2. exploration and screening of cannonade 3. Evaluation 4. Monitoring and repress 4. Arrangement and problems of Owner-Manager carrying out cardinal cannonade conclusions. (Talk about the 4 categories and how aggravateseers use them for issue for exploration and screening of cannonade contemplate at the concept of induce repugnance, this is essential as it caters the deep dissonance for possessor aggravateseer vs concourse smitten balance. For Evaluation use WACC, NPV dissection, IRR to pretext how it can be evaluated. For monitoring and repress drag up issues and theories of how its been performed precedently. 5. Conclusion Links for aid:     · Schall, L. and Sundem, G. (1980). Cardinal Budgeting Methods and Risk: A Further Analysis. Financial Management, 9(1), pp.7-11.    https://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/capital-investment.asp    https://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/capm.asp [Accessed 22 Nov. 2018]. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.3200/JECE.39.1.78-87