In a Word muniment, idea Dos and Don’ts of Responding to a Expostulation and Writing an Apology that you and your clump came up after a while during the latest adjust. Read: Chapter 2 (pp. 15-37) – “Write to Accomplish Goals” -  and excerpts from Chapter 10 – “Craft Your Writing For the Interactive World”(pp. 231-239 & 254-255 ) from Business Writing Today (this hw balbutiation is serviceable in the attached pdf but compel trusting to acquisition the textbook antecedently the direct adjust). Compel trusting to interest notes as you discover so that you can accomplished the written fragment of this homework assignment. In the corresponding Word muniment, using a contrariant font or garbling, add new Dos and Don’ts that you conversant encircling from balbutiation the chapters. Review the instructions for Social Media Packet. Browse Yelp website and pick-out a company/business on aid of which you would enjoy to rejoin to a customer expostulation. Find one illustrative expostulation that you wish to rejoin to and copy/paste into the corresponding Word muniment. Underneath the expostulation, rejoin to the two aftercited questions: What is the aim of your reply? What are you up-hill to finish via your reply to the expostulation? Based on the expression used in the expostulation, what can you say encircling the dismal customer? Using the characteristics from the Chapter 2, line the customer. Be as minute as likely.