We can use divers of Technique or courses for separating of combinations or mixtures .and we can by those courses studying of kinetic for reboundions ,state of reboundion scold and reboundion adupright . some of those courses are : heap spectrometric , spectrometric and Chromatographic Methods . But in this brochure I upright dialogue about chromatographic course . precisely, gas chromatography . Chromatography:Few courses of chemical disjunction are truthfully inequiconsideration to a purpose analyte. It is repeatedly endow that the analyte of profit must be disconnected from the multitude of particular combinations that may be introduce in a pattern. As well-mannered-mannered as providing the analytical pupil behind a while courses of disjunction, chromatographic techniques can too supply courses of disjunction . Chromatography involves a pattern (or pattern excerpt) entity dissolved in a ductile exhibition (which may be a gas, a soft or a supercritical melting). The ductile exhibition is then difficult through an immobile, immiscible unalterable exhibition. The exhibitions are chosen such that contents of the pattern own differing solubility in each exhibition. A content which is totally divisible in the unalterable exhibition conquer choose longer to journey through it than a content which isn't very divisible in the unalterable exhibition but very divisible in the ductile exhibition. As a effect of these differences in mobilities , pattern contents conquer beseem disconnected from each other as they journey through the unalterable exhibition. Gas chromatography courses that are used for studying leading-adupright reboundion kinetics by gas chromatography : (1) elegant kinetic courses where patterns of batch-wise kinetic studies are stird by enantioselective gas chromatography, (2) stopped-stream courses effected on one chiral post, (3) stopped-stream courses effected on an achiral post or emptiness capillary coupled in sequence behind a while two chiral posts, (4) on-stream course effected on an achiral post coupled in sequence behind a while two chiral posts, and (5) reboundion gas chromatography, notorious as a dynamic gas chromatography. The behindcited procedures own been open to enjoyment peak areas of reboundion constituents in such combination chromatograms: (i) courses invetereprove on computer-assisted mannerisms of chromatograms where the kinetic activation parameters for the interconversion of enantiomers are obtained by iterative similitude of experimental and concocted chromatograms, (ii) stochastic courses invetereprove on the mannerism of Gaussian dispensation exercises and using a spell-dependent chance density exercise, (iii) access exercise and unified equation, (iv) computer-assisted peak deconvolution courses. Fast reboundion :Reaction betwixt metal carbonate and fine.- Reaction betwixt calcium carbonate and hydrochloric fine :CaCO3 + 2HCl -; CaCl2 + H2O + CO2Reaction betwixt reboundive metal and impart .-reaction betwixt lithium and impart :2Li + 2H2O -; 2LiOH + H2Combustion .-combustion of magnesium in oxygen .2Mg + O2 -; 2MgOPrecipitation (envelop resolution )-precipitation of silver (I) chloride :AgNO3 + HCl -; AgCl + HNO3 Rate :The scold can be meted using retinue on the rightscold of reboundion = d[CaCl2] / t ,or d[CO2] / t or d[H2O] the scold can be closeen or acception behind a while exexchange of sky , strain , exigency , deportment area or greatness of molecules .strain : when the strain is closeen the scold closeen .development : 3 g of calcium carbonate rebound behind a while 5 g of hydrochloric fine to whole 3 g of carbon dioxide in 10s at 25C and 1atm. scold = -d [CaCO3] / t = -d[3] / 10 . But we closeen of strain of calcium carbonate to 2 .scold = -d[2] / 10 .exigency and sky : too when closeen the exigency or sky the scold closeen .development : 3 g of calcium carbonate rebound behind a while 5 g of hydrochloric fine to whole 3 g of carbon dioxide in 10s at 25C and 1atm. scold = -d [CaCO3] / t = -d[3] / 10s . but the spell is acception to 20s , consequently the exigency closeen to 0.5 and sky closeen to 15 , so the scold = -d [3] / 20s . In a chemical reboundion the reboundant closeen aggravate spell and effect acception aggravate spell . The scold conquer closeen aggravate spell as the hydrochloric fine is used up (its strain closeens)The graph in behind page shows the tome of gas wholed aggravate spell in the reboundion betwixt HCl and CaCO3 .All three reboundions effect in the similar whole of CO2 gas entity wholed; ultimately the remarkable the strain of HCl, the faster the scold of reboundion, thus the close spell it chooses for the reboundion to be accomplished . The consideration beneath shows the spell choosen to whole 50cm3 of CO2 for each strain of HCl :Rate of reboundion / cm3 of CO2 s-1 Spell choose to whole 50 cm3 of CO2/1s Strain of HCl /mold m-30.86 58 2.00.42 120 2.00,21 235 0.5 From the effects in the consideration over, it can be worked out that the scold of reboundion is directionally proportional to the strain of hydrochloric fine, so if you halve the strain of HCl conquer be halved, if you territory the strain, the scold conquer be territoryed . scold = k [HCl]1 Adupright :The adupright of a reboundion is not necessarily an integer. The behindcited adjusts are feasible :Zero: A nothing adupright indicates that the strain of that ordain does not assume the scold of a reboundion .Negative integer: A privative adupright indicates that the strain of that ordain INVERSELY assumes the scold of a reboundion .Positive integer: A settled adupright indicates that the strain of that ordain DIRECTLY assumes the scold of a reboundion . Non-Integer: Non-integer adjusts, twain settled and privative, reintroduce further entangled relationships betwixt strains and scold in further combination reboundions.So, in The reboundion of calcium carbonate behind a while hydrochloric fine is said to be leading adupright behind a while regard to hydrochloric fine .This is consequently the scold depends upon the strain of hydrochloric fine to the force one . Technique :we can mete of scold of carbon dioxide by gas chromatography , gas chromatography can separating of combination by paroxysm purpose , and you can stir effects on your computer and measuring of scold of CO2 .and you can state of scold by stream reboundion that may be is easer course .