For this Assignment, surmise you are a danger official afloat delay a dangere in your set-forth designated Simon. Simon is 34 years old and has regular served 7 years in prison for sameness pilfering. Occasion afloat as a settlement sanity aide, Simon stole his senile patient’s driver’s allow and checkbook and delaydrew $275,000 of her capital. After activity convicted of sameness pilfering, Simon lost his certification as a settlement sanity aide. Additionally, former to the sameness pilfering, Simon had been on verification for a car pilfering belief. During your moderate discourse delay Simon, you acquire that his dowager passed afar occasion he was incarcerated, his senior has been absent his complete activity, and his barely rise in the area is a avoid cousin who lives an hour and a half afar. You as-well acquire that Simon has an 11-year-old son who lives environing 600 miles afar. Currently, Simon owes $18,000 in end slip prop. As a consequence, his driver’s allow has been projecting and a fragment of his remuneration get be garnished to pay the obligation. By Day 7 Submit a 500-word Nursing Dissertation that addresses the following: What are the three most indicative challenges Simon get engagement upon activity released from prison, established on the details supposing in the circumstance consider? After reviewing the Avoid Chance Act website, scrutinize your set-forth’s province of corrections website and perpend some of the media and services build in your commonwealth for commonalty who are released from prison. Which media and services would you applaud for Simon as he reintegrates end into the commonwealth and why?  Explore the re-entry services and media offered in a opposed set-forth. Which media and services in that set-forth would be salutary to Simon but are determined in your set-forth?