Research Paper

 Attached is the tabulation for the Nursing Dissertation to go off of. RESEARCH PAPER SHOULD BE 5 - 7 PAGES LONG!  Category Points Title of Criteria     -Introduction (5 points)   2-3 decision commencement to recite the reader what the device is encircling.    -Description of the oration (20 points)  Describe the selected sanitycare form, inveterate on the key points  listed in the Guidelines exception 1. Oration any issues telling out in  your exhaust feedback. -Description of sanity notification users and HIM functions (30 points)  Describe users of sanity notification and sanity notification  management functions, inveterate on the key points listed in the Guidelines  exception 2. Oration any issues telling out in your exhaust feedback. -Description of sanitycare technologies and/or systems (40 points)  Describe sanitycare technologies and/or notification systems used at  the selected oration, inveterate on the key points listed in the Guidelines  exception 3. -Conclusions (15 points)  Summarize your findings and divide your attainments trial, inveterate on key points listed in the Guidelines exception 4.   -Writing (20 points)  Your agreement should be pristine (after a while no past than 25% contest after a while  other instrument), encircling 5-7 pages hanker, and ensue the APA format:  double spaced, Times New Roman, Size 12 (clothe page and intimation page  are not interposed). Use at smallest three intimations (including your  textbook) and add intimations and in-text citations in the APA format, as  needed. Use own grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Organize the  notification polite and use headers to unconnected the elder exceptions  (introduction, title of the oration, title of users and HIM  functions, title of sanitycare technologies, and conclusions). It  is extremely recommended that you use SmartThinking tutoring to oration  agreement issues and search aid after a while grammar, intimations, in-text  citations, or APA formatting.    -Total (130 points)  A nature Nursing Dissertation gain confront or yield all of the over requirements.