Writing Assessment

Prompt: Based on the challenges and strategies discussed by Pifer and Baker (2016), what challenges do you prevent you obtain aspect in your doctoral program? What strategies obtain you adduce to employment through these challenges in your doctoral travel? http://ijds.org/Volume11/IJDSv11p015-034Pifer2155.pdf Write a 1-2-page, double-spaced essay in counterpart to the alert overhead. To give your strongest answerableness skills, surrender an essay that: Provides a focused and apparent mediate purpose that responds to twain questions in the assignment alert after a while patent conspicuous purposes; Integrates alienate and obsequious expansiond and/or noted declaration from the supposing balbutiation in patronage of the evidence, accompanied by alienate partition and some produce of extract and/or attribution to extraordinary when counsel is used from the balbutiation; Organizes purposes after a while close composition, apparent paragraphs, and progressive words/phrases; Uses grammar and mechanics to effectively disclose import to readers; Maintains academic completeness by demonstrating your pristine employment. Using further sources further the Pifer and Baker (2016) excerpt supposing overhead is not required for this essay; if you use them, besides, then you must summon any counsel you expansion or note.